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With all new administrations, there are goals and expectations that needs to be broadcast to the people that put them into their new positions.  The Town of Parrish is no different except for the many years of  past administrations that  left most of  the citizens complacent about anything  “happening or  changing” in their Community.

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This administration adopted a slogan to express to the citizens of the town that a new governing body was in place.  “Old Town, New Spirit” coveys that we would like for our town to get excited. We want our small town to be a clean, safe and a desirable community for people to come home to. 

We began with simple things first, new paint in the city hall, baseboards, and other amenities that portray our desire to change. The atmosphere began to take  on one of a “fresh start.”  Grants were applied for, old debts paid, and the sad shape of past financial woes were settled. The employees became more stable, with the adding of  insurance, workman’s comp, and  state retirement. Other benefits were re-established, as well.   The employees did a lot of the work to improve the inside of city hall including purchasing paint and other supplies.

For the first time ever, Parrish, AL has received the Department of Transportation Grant (DOT) that will begin the revitalization efforts for the downtown area.  With new sidewalks, and decorative lighting, we hope that we can spread  our “New Spirit.” Other grants have been received for road repair (CDBG Grant), new police cars, Senior Center improvement.  Plans for downtown revitalization are being designed and actively discussed right now.

The Town of Parrish, AL has many successful businesses that have been around for several years. Of course, we would like to double that number. We feel that the improvements being made, both large and small will certainly contribute to this possibility. Capstone Rural Health Clinic has even announced that it will begin to break ground for a new larger facility in latter part of 2010. It is going to provide many new services in addition to the ones offered now.  There is included in this plan for a walking track to be accessible to all citizens.


The Town of Parrish is dedicated to improving the life in our community by providing fair and honest representation and judicious service to all citizens regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic status, sex, age, or any other discriminatory factor.

To encourage each member of our community to participate in and support town organizations, government, and related activities.

  • To promote a safe and healthy environment for its citizens.
  • To proactively attract business and industry that will work in a cooperative partnership with the town.
  • To revitalize the heritage of our town.
  • To provide an honest and accountable leading government.

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